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  1. Leanne says:

    Hi guys just wanted to say hello to you all wondering if your going to tour again to tasmania missing you all

  2. Anthony says:

    Hi peewee could you bring a live DVD out with the four of you you woody,Merv and Owen and could you please come to Townsville and talk about thie delltones in a 1 man show thanks Anthony number 1 fan

  3. Leanne McDonald says:

    Hi Carla and peewee how are you both i was just wondering if you got any delltones t-shirts around because i want another 1 to wear since you haven;t been to tasmania for a long time i love wearing the tops i will pay for 1 x-large i hope you all are doing well from your biggest fan in tassie leanne.

  4. Laura says:

    OMG -I just heard one of your songs(Hangin’Five)played on Foxtel
    Music …. the memories of happier days flooded
    So good to relive carefree times, great to forget 2020 and now 21 and escape to the 50s/60s/70s
    Keep rocking guys and thank you for your contribution
    to happy memories!!!

  5. Re-reading my biography of Martin (‘Sharpest’), I couldn’t help think about those good times when I read about you and Carla, Are You Lonesome Tonight and the press conference at Kinselas. I hope you’re both well and happy. I enjoyed your book. Ah, memories. Lowell

  6. John says:

    Hi Pee Wee and Carla
    I read the book with a great deal of interest and reminiscences, especially as I grew up in the Eastern Suburbs and went to the same school as Ian, although several years after him.
    Did Mark Williams ever tour with the Delltones? I remember being at a Delltones concert about 1984 and one of the guys in the opening act was named Mark. I thought it might’ve been Mark Williams before he became famous in Australia.

  7. Yogi H says:

    loved all your music.. keep trucking folks

  8. Bill Sandeman says:

    You guys bring great memories, thanks for the entertainment over the years

  9. phil Wohlgemuth says:

    Right at this moment am playing your CD. Brings back great memories of the 50’s & 60’s and your concerts. Great to hear the legend lives on. Keep rocking Peewee. Cheers

  10. Kyra Semmler says:

    Very Private For Pee Wee ONLY ONLY ONLY
    Dear Pee Wee Wilson,Wishing you a very Happy
    Birthday for 81 years And thanks for all the history of
    your singing all of the songs And please keep the music alive you’re a Legend And I always love listening
    to The Rock-N-Roll music from off you And The Delltones live in concert over The Years here in Rockhampton Queensland And please stay health And safe Pee Wee And Carla Wilson from off your Delltones Fan Kyra Semmler From Rockhampton Queensland Pee Wee And Carla Wilson.
    Could you please nicely send me reply with the postal address only for me would like to contact The Delltones
    please pretty please Carla Wilson from off your Delltones Fan Kyra Semmler From Rockhampton Queensland Pee Wee And Carla Wilson.
    Love From Your Delltones Fan Kyra Semmler
    From Rockhampton Queensland Australia Pee Wee
    And Carla Wilson.

  11. Kyra Semmler says:

    Very Private For Pee Wee And Carla ONLY ONLY
    Dear Pee Wee And Carla Wilson,Wishing you And Carla Wilson And Family a very Merry Christmas And
    Happy New Year in 2021 from off your Delltones Fan
    Kyra Semmler From Rockhampton Queensland Pee
    Wee And Carla Wilson.
    Wishing you And Carla Wilson And Family a very Happy Easter in April 2021 here in Queensland from
    off your Delltones Fan Kyra Semmler From Rockhampton Queensland Pee Wee And Carla Wilson.
    Love From Your Delltones Fan Kyra Semmler From
    Rockhampton Queensland Australia Pee Wee And Carla Wilson.

  12. leslie kemp says:

    love the music always have i still play the songs on my radio show

  13. GARRY TAYLOR says:

    Mr Wilson was kind enough to provide me with a story on clothes for my book CLOTHED IN MEMORY. This was years ago and now the book is OUT and UP AND RUNNING. I would love to give Mr Pee Wee a copy so can I get an address for postal? Thank You GARRY TAYLOR.

  14. Max Hutson says:

    Happy birthday Peewee

  15. Matthew Brown says:

    The best music in history lives on in Pee Wee. I wanted a falsetto voice as a kid to sing Rock N Roll – but ended up with a very deep voice like Pee Wee. Happy Birthday & keep on rocking

  16. Daniel Graham says:

    I like to wish Pee Wee Wilson a happy birthday for 81 yrs old
    Best wishes to you

  17. Lindsay Barton says:

    Hi we worked on tv country music show in Adelaide also at football club delltones upstairs and my band the executives downstairs. I have been approached by radio stn to see if I can contact you for an interview. 0423877806

  18. Carla Wilson says:



    Peewee & Carla

  19. Martin says:

    I’ve recently been going through my mother’s things (she is now in a home), and among them I’ve found a trophy, dated 1956, for first prize in mixed doubles table tennis. The trophy is from the AMPTTC.
    Turns out that my mother’s mixed doubles partner was one Ian Wilson!
    I’ve always enjoyed the Delltones music, but this gave me a real kick.

  20. leanne mcdonald says:

    hi carla did you manage to find a delltones t-shirt for me

  21. leanne mcdonald says:

    Merry Christmas to Carla and Peewee stay safe enjoy the new year for 2021 hope to see you guys again 1 day

  22. ANTHONY says:


  23. Patricia O'Brien says:

    just want to leave a hello and a big thanks for all the times i have seen the Deltones live the one that sticks in my mind is the 50 year concert in Kalgoorlie PeeWee is always my favorite. wish you happiness and good health


  24. Yvonne Thompson says:

    Hi Peewee & Carla,

    My name is Yvonne Thompson.

    I’ve just been trying to order your book on your online website.

    Unfortunately, on the address bar, it will not allow me to change the state from QLD to VIC.

    Now, I understand, your book not want to make its way down to Melbourne, but I need something of great interest to me to help me get through the current devastation we are experiencing here in Victoria.

    Could you please check your “state of address” on you online order page on your website.

    Thank you

    With Kind Regards
    Yvonne Thompson.

    • Carla Wilson says:

      Hi Yvonne Seems it has been sorted out now as the order has been processed.
      All the best

  25. Lyn Cartwright says:

    Hi Peewee, I would like to thank the Deltones for the many years you were doing tours around Australia. I live in Adelaide, and remember seeing he band on TV in 1959, I was nine years old then. I have all your records released over the years and later the cd’s. My children were brought up listening to the Deltones. My daughter and I attended live shows in Adelaide when the band came.
    Many thanks for all those memories.
    Lyn Cartwright

  26. FIONA SUTTON says:

    Thank you for the speedy processing of my order for Peewee’s book, I have sat down and read the entire thing today (Sunday).Extra special surprise for me as it was autographed!
    I have followed the Delltones since I was 16, now at the ripe old age of 49 , am waiting for them to tour Geelong again, (I have only missed one Geelong show in all those visits due to illness)
    Dont worry about the aging, KEEP RAGING!!!!

    Loving you guys lots and lots

    • Carla Wilson says:

      Thank you for your comment. At this stage The Delltones will not be going on tour. But who knows what the future brings.
      All the best and stay safe





  29. ANTHONY says:

    is the delltones going to bring last concert out on dvd at akk soon

  30. Max Hutson says:

    Happy birthday Peewee thank you so much for all the years of brilliant vocal harmony and beautiful music – have a fantastic birthday!

    Kind regards


  31. Russell Cronk says:

    Hi guys. It is with a great deal of hope that rumours about The Delltones doing a comeback tour may be true. It is one of my greatest regrets that I never got to see a live show so when I heard this “rumour”, I got quite excited. Please advise if there may be any chance of the tour and making an old man (me) happy lol lol. Cheers.

    • Carla Wilson says:

      Hi Russell, it’s just a rumour no comeback as yet. You will certainly know when it happens. Thanks for your comments. Wishing you all the bes

  32. leanne mcdonald says:

    A big hi to all the delltones missing you guys, so lucky ive got your cd’s to listen to and watch your dvd that keeps me going havent been well lately but im getting there slowly, i hope you have a safe christmas and a blessed 2020 carla i asked for a t-shirt if possible a large will do i can get it after christmas some time …thanks leanne

  33. Kyra Semmler says:

    Very Private For Pee Wee ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY
    Dear Pee Wee,Wishing Pee Wee And Carla Wilson And Family a very Merry Christmas And A Very Happy And Safe New Year in 2020
    Are The Delltones going to do a Live Concert Tour
    held at The Pilbeam Theatre here in Rockhampton Queensland Pee Wee?
    Will The Delltones do a live concert at The Pilbeam
    Theatre here in Rockhampton Queensland Pee
    Could please answer the two questions only for a Delltone Fan please pretty please PeeWee please pretty please PeeWee please pretty please PeeWee
    please pretty please Pee Wee
    From Delltone Fan Kyra Semmler From Rockhampton Queensland Australia

    • Carla Wilson says:

      HI Kyra Thanks for your email and Christmas wishes the same to you. Delltones will not be touring anytime soon so no to coming to Rockhampton. All the best Carla and Peewee

  34. John spiteri says:

    Just wondering if they are doing clubs gigs still and where and also how much do they charge for party’s and I’ve seen them plenty of times such a great band would love to see them again

    • Carla Wilson says:

      Hi John Peewee is taking a lengthy hiatus to pursue other interests. Cheers



  36. Doug Sims says:

    Hi Deltones what a great band you have been. Seen you guys a few times live, the last time at Broncos leagues club. Just been showing our granddaughter and boyfriend some of your songs. I think you just got a couple of more fans.
    All the best Peewees voice is so cool.

    • Carla Wilson says:

      Thanks Doug for your comments. Good to know the younger generation will keep our music alive. All the best





    • Carla Wilson says:

      Hi Anthony
      Firstly sorry to hear about the floods you guys are having up in townsville I hope you and the family are OK.
      Peewee is taking a very long break from touring and when he decides to return it will be with a new line up and Woody and Merv will not
      be part of the band. Thanks for your comments and all the best

  39. leanne mcdonald says:

    Hello Delltones havent seen you for years down in tasmania have yous stopped touring i miss your loving singing and music you always do a fantasic job with your outfits hope to see you again 1 day can i still buy your t shirts at all ive worn mine out happy new year to you peewee and carla and rest of the boys



    • Carla Wilson says:

      Hi Leanne
      Lovely to hear from you and hope all is well in Tasmania. Peewee is taking a very long break from touring and when he decides to tour it will be with a new line up. I still have some t shirts available let me know the size and which ones you are wanting. All the best for the New Year to you too.

    • leanne mcdonald says:

      HI Carla and Peewee miss you both im not well at moment i need heart surgery soon any t-shirts please carla size xL please carla any t-shirt with the guys please love to you all leanne mcdonald.

    • Carla Wilson says:

      Hi Leanne sorry to hear of your surgery I’ll look for a T-shirt in XL what address? send it to me in an email
      carla@delltones.com Cheers

  40. I loved it when you came to Junee …NSW many years ago. I was the coordinator with your Publicist Ms Wilson. I met each of you individually and found you all were polite and very friendly. It was on your “Tickled Pink” tour. Thank you so much for the entertainment and memories. Just watched and listened to you on You Tube. Still have the Delltones Tickled Pink album and my Grandtidlets love Papa oom mou mou..not with me, can’t remember the spelling. Mr Bass Man is also a winner. Love your Work!Happy New Year..2019

  41. Ray Wilson says:

    Hi Peewee,

    We were in the same class at Paddo, same age.
    Havn’t seen you for a couple of years since Bronte days.
    Hope to see you again one day. I live at Redcliffe..
    Still enjoy your Cd’s

    Ray (Willow)

  42. Ron says:

    Fantastic sounds I’ve been listening to via youtube as a 75-year-old here in Florids and still stuck in the 50s. Greatness. Would surely have enjoyed dancing to Come Go With Me, etc.
    Take care,

  43. Davey says:

    Whilst I was looking in again on the website in hope, I should take a moment to say thank you.
    I have been to many of your shows from 1986, and I think the last time was Batemans Bay in 2013. Whether there has been six, five, or four of you on stage, it was always a great show.
    Would love to see a show in this the 60th year since you began, but then again I have had so much joy from your shows over the years, it might be greedy to ask for more.
    Enjoyed the book btw, best wishes to all, and your families.
    Thank you.

    • Carla Wilson says:

      Thank you for your reflections At this stage Peewee is taking a long break. Over the years there has been many Delltones transformations, and this will be yet another. So glad you enjoyed the book.

  44. anthony bartram from townsvile says:

    hi peewee,woody,merv,owen are you touring this year 2018 when you do can you please come to townsville
    hey peewee i do a inpersonation of you when i sing the delltones songs.
    peewee keep on rocking on.
    your n1 fan

  45. Greg Navarro says:

    The Delltones are so groovy and cool you guys rock!!

  46. Elizabeth Tabone says:

    Have such an affection for your songs. Next generation My 15 yr old just loves it just wanted to let you kmow. You bring so much joy. Thankyou

  47. anthony bartram from townsvile says:

    hi peewee,woody,merv,owen can you bring your show you toured with last year on dvd email me and tell me
    peewee i have a country pratice series 4 on dvd and i have watch the episode the last laugh with you in it
    great acting peewee.
    anthony bartram
    number 1 fan

  48. Doris Flanagan (Flanno for short) says:

    When are The Delltones coming back to Twin Towns ???? You guys are just marvellous and I can’t get enough of you. I bought your CD and sent it overseas to an internet radio guys, who has his own show. He actually played a few of your songs you did on the last show at Twin Towns (I was there) and everyone LOVED them. He played “Gee/You’re The Limit/Come A Little Bit Closer” ….. and then he played “Hangin’ Five” and “Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands”…….it went over very very well.

  49. hamrecords says:

    Hey guys,
    I am a 15 year old boy from austria and I am grow up listening to doowop and rock n roll. I have a big record collection and I have every 45 released by the Delltones from 1959 until 1965.
    Keep up the awesome music.

    Greetings David

  50. anthony bartram from townsvile says:

    hi peewee,merv,woody,owen will you bring your new show out on dvd plus clips from bandstand
    have a nice day
    anthony your number 1 fan



  52. Phil Fraser says:

    Love your act. Been to the last two shows in Bunbury. Cannot understand why you don’t come out after your shows to meet the fans. Jon English did it and Leo Sayer is a gentleman but when we asked if you guys were coming out we were told no.


    hi peewee,merv,woody,owen are you going to still tour again and coild please bring out a new dvd of you new show peewee i read you book come a little bit closer and it was great and i was as you where sitting next to me and telling me you life story
    anthony bartram

  54. Doris Flanagan (known as Flanno) says:

    Dear Dellies,

    I am your biggest fan……LUV doo-wop and have a HUGE collection of it. Used to sing in a band, years & years ago. In fact, I remember when you guys appeared at the Barklay Hotel in Mt Isa, and the band I was in were doing a gig upstairs. We came down in our break to have a listen to The Delltones and were blown away. After our gig finished, we came downstairs again to meet all you guys, which was just terrific. Pee Wee invited me to a party, and when I asked him how many were going to the party, he said “you & me”………hahahaha……. and I said ‘can I bring my husband along?” He was also in my band. It was really funny and I’ll never forget it.

    Are you guys going to do another show at Twin Towns Services Club at Tweed Heads at all this year? I went to your show last year and absolutely LOVED it.

    I heard a great doo-wop tune the other day, which would be so suited to you guys…….it’s called “Here I Am Broken Hearted” by The Four J’s…….. but I reckon The Delltones could do a better job. Why not have a listen to it and see if you could incorporate it into your wonderful show, which is full of doo-wop (my favourite genre). Here’s the site to have a listen:- https://www.facebook.com/dialog/share?app_id=87741124305&href=https%3A//www.youtube.com/attribution_link%3Fa%3DYq9UbSaNPKA%26u%3D%252Fwatch%253Fv%253D1EIDpdhaVh

    Best wishes to all of you and your familes. I do hope you do another show at Twin Towns soon. Don’t forget – KEEP RAGING TO STOP THE AGEING.

    Flanno xx

  55. derek says:

    Would love to see you perform agin,,,, my kids need to see you to appreciate what we all know as great Rock and Roll. Love you guys.

  56. stephen smyth says:

    As many have said, love to see you guys again. My suggestion would be to ask Danny to come back for a Final Goodbye Australian Tour. It would be great, include Melbourne of course. Love the music!!

  57. Kyra Semmler says:

    Dear Pee Wee Wilson,
    I can nicely tell you Pee Wee about promoting your very interesting book of yours in the promote of the book for everybody And Delltone Fan will always find it worth reading the book by especially you can sign the book for everybody And Delltone Fan at the bookshop will be very tricky for especially you iit’s going to be hard to promote your book by especially you from off Kyra Semmler From Rockhampton Queensland Pee Wee.
    Unfortunately for you it’s going to be hard to do a book promoting with Angus And Robertson have officially closed down over at The Shopping Fair here in Rockhampton Queensland Pee Wee from off Kyra Semmler From Rockhampton Queensland Pee
    Could especially you nicely please ONLY pass onto Phoenix’s Lead Singer Nevin McLean (Nev McLean /
    Nevy McLean) on my very private home number is (07) 49275967 of Kyra’s really wants Phoenix’s Lead Singer Nevin McLean (Nev McLean/Nevy McLean) ONLY please Pee Wee please Pee Wee please Pee Wee only for a Delltone Fan named Kyra Semmler From Rockhampton Queensland Pee Wee.
    When will The Delltones come back to Rockhampton again?
    Will The Delltones do a new Concert Tour in The Pilbeam Theatre here in Rockhampton Queensland?
    Could especially you please nicely answer the two good questions on The Delltones only for a Delltone Fan named Kyra Semmler please Pee Wee please Pee Wee please Pee Wee please Pee Wee from off Kyra Semmler From Rockhampton Queensland Pee Wee.
    Love From Kyra Semmler From Rockhampton Queensland Australia Pee Wee.

  58. Pete Graham says:

    Hi Pee Wee , Happy Birthday for yesterday ! I hope You and Carla had a great celebration .
    Pete Graham

  59. Steve Vause says:

    hello guys , i have been lucky enough to have been to a few of your concerns here in geraldton they were GREAT i think you about due back ,,, cheers

  60. Peter Miller says:

    You have certainly earnt it, and deserve to enjoy, your indefinite break. Thank you for your immeasurable inspiration to me. Wishing you each the very best of health/retirement and peace with your proud memories of our live applauding and encores.

  61. Leanne McDonald says:

    i heard the boys have retired no way us here in launceston cant get to say goodbye or thanks to the boys im not happy now

    • anthony bartram from townsvile says:

      MY NAME IS

  62. Matt says:

    Hi Guys,

    Like many I’m hoping the break is only that and we will get to see the Delltones live again in the future. If not thank you for the biggest musical influence in my life and for the privelage of finally getting to meet the guys a few years back in Adelaide!





    2015 I WILL BE 40





  67. Klara says:

    Thanks for the fantastic show tonight at Dooleys Lidcombe. Bet the careers counsellor laughed when Pee Wee said I’m going to make a living bom bom boming!

  68. leanne mcdonald says:

    hi guys miss you all been in hospital i had a small heart attack but im back home now recovering by the way peewee my daughter got me your book come a little bit closer book for last christmas i love it its great i was wondering if some how you can sign it for me please when are you guys coming back to launceston again miss you all your music is what keeps me going every day thanks again your biggest fan leanne xxxx

  69. anthony bartram says:

    hi peewee,woody,merv,owen i have a copy of your new live cd it is great can you bring the same concert out on
    dvd please also peewee enjoyed your book come a little bit closer great book my friend
    anthony bartram
    your number 1 fan from townsville
    and are you coming to townsville in 2015

  70. Dennis Walker says:

    Hey ‘big fella’ you are more amazing than ever!!! Please come back to Redland Sports Club in 2015. You took me back 50 years on a lazy Sunday and made life worth living… Do it at least one more time for an old rocker… At least “come a little bit closer” lol
    Luv it!

  71. Max Hutson says:

    Thank you so much for signing my new Delltones shirt at the Yamba Bowling Club concert on Friday night – much appreciated – It was an awesome concert – you guys are brilliant!

  72. Wayne Waldon says:

    We saw the show at Club Central, Hurstville, it was a great night, The Deltones are really worth seeing. It is amazing that the Guys have kept this music alive for so long. A very good piece of Aussie music and Peewee is so agile. I am in my 50’s and I love their music. Keep it going, Wayne

  73. Wayne Waldon says:

    I saw the Show at Club Central in Hurstville during September 2014, accompanying me was my Wife and my Uncle and Aunty. My Wife and I had not seen the Deltones for quite some time and we were very glad that we had the opportunity to see the Guys again. It was a great night, I am only in my 50’s but I like all of the songs the Guys sing. PeeWee has amazing agility. Thank you to all of you for allowing us to speak to you all after the show. I hope to go to another Deltones performance the next time they are in Sydney. Cheers for now, Wayne

  74. David Bishop says:

    Hi Guys
    My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert last night at the Vikings in Canberra. At the end of a long week it was terrific to sit back, relax, laugh and sing along. Haven’t smiled so much for a long time.

    The love for the music that you play shined throughout the performance. Keep making the magic.
    Warm Regards

  75. Stephen Smyth says:

    Great night at Crown in Melbourne, I loved the sound and the songs as usual and now continue to enjoy the CD. Come back to Melbourne soon, love to be inspired again, you guys stop my AGING

  76. Dianne Cheney says:

    Hi guys,what another brilliant night of entertainment and humour at Hurstville Club Central last Sat night.Pee wee ,you are so funny and the band is as good as ever.I saw the show earlier this year at Cronulla Leagues and when I saw it advertised for Club Central I bought my tickets in May to secure a good seat.I bought your book when at Sharkies,it was a great read.Carla ,it was nice to have another chat Sat night and yes I have become a Delltones groupie and look forward to the next show,cheers,Dianne

  77. Clare and Cassie Schilling says:

    We saw you in concert last night in Bendigo. The concert was wonderful, but then WE MET PEEWEE!

    Peewee was lovely to us and we each got a photo with him. Thankyou Peewee, we love you!

  78. Wendy Crothers says:

    Went to the Deltones Concert in Bendigo last night, it was fantastic, had the best time.

  79. kim polan says:

    Totally love you guys. Took my 18yo son to see you in shepparton (mooroopna) tonight 17 Aug. His comment… “mum that was better than the green day concert”. You always give 100% and then some. Just brilliant. Thanks so much for a great night xxx

  80. Robin Doherty says:

    Caught the show in Wang last night. 15th August 2014. What a great gig, guys. I bought your double cd set, a pity that I couldn’t hang around and get it autographed. Maybe next time, when you cruise into town. For sure, I’ll be there. I’d highly recommend your show to anyone, who hasn’t seen it, or even if they have, they need to see it again. WTG guys. Job well done

  81. Leanne says:

    Thank you for an awesome night in Bairnsdale last night. I didn’t want the show to end. Every time I see you I walk away on such a high.

  82. Debbie Stabek says:

    A sensational concert in Ballarat on Friday 25 July. These professional showmen certainly know how to rock and give the audience a wonderful night of music, harmonies, entertainment and wonderful memories. These guys are so exhilarating that they brought tears to our eyes. Thankyou for a very memorable night.

  83. Sandy Day says:

    Thank you for a fantastic show last night at Caloundra, I felt like a teenager all over again, I finally got my husband out of the house to see you and he loved the show, we left very happy and went to sleep still singing to ourselves, still smiling this morning.

  84. Steven Ridley says:

    When will you be performing in Adelaide again?

    • Pauline Creek says:

      At this stage we are unsure but keep an eye on our gig guide as all upcoming gigs are listed on the guide

  85. Gail and Des says:

    We went to the Delltones concert last night in Maryborough and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for coming.
    Gail & Des (Hervey Bay)

  86. Chris Walton says:

    Hi Guys

    Loved your show last night at the Brolga Theatre in Maryborough. You are great musicians, singers and wonderful entertainers. I didn’t want the show to end!!!!

    We missed out on lots of Aussie bands as we are poms. It was truly wonderful to see you guys perform.

    Looking forward to your next visit.

    Love and Best Wishes
    Chris Walton

  87. Rod Donaldson says:

    Saw the show with my wife in Townsville last night (14/06/14), we really enjoy the entertainment and had a great night. It is great to see the Delltones still going strong and with so much passion and energy, also the audience going in from time to time.
    I remember see the Delltones at the Barkly Hotel in Mt Isa in the early 1970’s
    Thanks for the enjoyment and memories, love the music.

  88. Allen Blyth says:

    Went to the concert in Cairns last night, thank you for an absolutely wonderful show you guys are phenomenal. Don’t ever give it away Australia will be musically deprived if that ever happens.

  89. Wayne and Donna Campbell says:

    Just home from the show in Cairns wow you guys just keep getting better everytime I see you Thank you for a wonderful show and a great night. Got a Cd signed as well and now to settle down and read your book looking forward to it. Thanks again see you again next visit.

  90. Helen says:

    I remember watching you as a child at the Middle back Theater in Whyalla S.A. Brilliant, just Brilliant, hopefully will see you again in Townsville. Fond fond memories thanks

  91. ron says:

    your the best’ like to know when are you coming to Launceston again

  92. Dianne Cheney says:

    Hello Ian and Carla,just read your book which you so kindly signed for me at Cronulla League’s Çlub 15th March..I loved the book,very funny in parts and very deep in others .You are an amazing lady Carla.taking over management of the group.Please come back soon to the shire ,the show was incredible,loved every minute of it.Kind regards ,Dianne

  93. OMG !! Just brought the CD and caught the Concert at the Hali (Central Coast, NSW) tonight and absolutely loved every minute of it. You guys are truly amazing. Peewee, you’re a hoot, loved you jokes. The Fabulous Delltones ROCK !!

  94. The Band that “makes you feel good” long after the Show’s over . . . I agree! 100% True :))) had the “Hugest Smile” :D & “feel good” feeling after seeing the Fabulous Delltones perform recently in November (2013) (3 times in the month) Lol :) At the Wollongong Performing Arts Centre, Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, & Moss Vale Services Club. Grew up loving the Delltones music, listening to records from my Mum’s younger years, & seeing you guys perform many times over the years – in the Illawarra / Wollongong area. – Shellharbour Workers Club, Yallah Woolshed, Fairymeadow Fraternity Club, – with friends, family, & recently with my children, teen & adult daughters, son-in-law. Over the years your Music has entertained us at Parties, :) it’s a wonder my Delltones CD hasn’t worn out, lol. You are absolutely fabulous! Enjoyable, entertaining, & Talented Showmen & from the first song to the very last you give 100% energy & effort in entertaining every member of the audience. From one of your Fans :) “Thankyou”!!! As you Tour the many various places, cities & towns around our Country, may you have safe travels, be able to enjoy the scenery of the many places you pass thru & stop at, be in good health & continue to perform & entertain for many years to come. To you each & your families & loved ones, *.*.*.* Merry Christmas & a very HaPpY :))) prosperous & healthy New Year to you all. Best Wishes :) *.*.*.* God Bless + Look forward to seeing you “next time” your back in the City of Wollongong / the Illawarra / Shoalhaven areas. :)

  95. Carla Wilson says:

    Thank you to all our lovely fans that came and celebrated The Delltones Concerts in
    the Tamworth regional area.
    A fantastic time was had by all!

  96. Stedwards says:

    I should mention that i caught your show recently at Twin Towns with friends of mine, every bit as good as the first show that I saw of yours in Dalby in the 80’s

  97. Stedwards says:

    Hi Guys…ive just finished reading Come A Little Bit Closer, ………i laughed i cried….thoroughly enjoyed it..
    I have been a fan of the delltones for over 30 years, took that long to get an autograph :-) was worth the wait, as i got to meet you all AND get autographs and a book to boot. I have always loved your music…may you rock on for many more years to come…………

    Cheers, Sheryl

  98. Daniel says:

    Hey guys – I have a big grin on my face as I type this. To bring some mirth into my 17-year-old daughter’s post-HSC, pre-university period I’ve been playing “Get a Job” with the speakers turned up.

    She – and I, actually – find it hard to believe it was from the 80s. It was so tightly produced and snappy that it would be cutting edge if released today. Now, thanks to you, the next generation is bopping.

    Thank you.

  99. Jo Rose says:

    Fantastic show at Batemans Bay last night.
    Wow wow wow!!
    My husband and our 24 year old daughter (spanning the generations) had an awesome time.
    So so glad we saw you guys.
    Thanks for a great night.
    So much fun.

  100. Ross Fallon says:

    Hey Guys we saw your show at Twin Towns last Saturday night. What a brilliant show. I have always believed that you have to have a big opening to a show and you delivered big time. That huge booming base voice sounding out while when the house lights were down and the “black & white” opening was brilliant.

    I think it is a great idea that Peewee does sing a few songs by himself. I’m quite sure there are many songs that your unique talent would do justice to.

    Look forward to seeing you in south east Queensland or twin Towns in 2014.
    Your work ethic encourages me to keep going in my job even though i’m officially over the retirement age.

    Keep up the good work.

  101. robert Burnett says:

    I heard on the radio that the Deltones are playing at Wangaratta soon.If that is so are you going to be playing at the Commercial Albury and when

    Thank You

    • Pauline Creek says:

      We are currently planning the Delltones touring schedule for next year and hope to have the tour dates on the gig guide late November

  102. Chris says:

    Hi I would like to see u play at Maitland city bowling club nsw please I love the music I love the part LET THERE BE DRUMS. biggest fan Chris

  103. anthony bartram says:

    hi peewee,woody,merv,owen when are you coming to townsville again also can you bring your lastest concert
    out on dvd
    i am a big fan of the delltones i sing along to all your songs
    i even do my impersonation of peewee
    anthony your number 1 fan

  104. peter hyde says:

    just a note to say i attended your last concert in perth wa ,and it was the best sound and experience in music i have had ,your sound and singing was incredible ,hope you will come back one day .regards peter

  105. Beerwah Books & Bits Vinyl Revival says:

    I am thrilled to let you boys know we have just purchased a copy of THE DELLTONES OVER THE YEARS.. for our shop. Not for sale but for our own private collection and for display. The cover is signed by Bob, Peewee, Brian & Seb. It is such a treasure and is playing on the record player in the shop as I am typing ..What a blast. Thankyou for all the fun a laughter and the great music over the years and Ian thanks for working so hard to keep the sound alive. Cheers Linda & Bernie. Beerwah Books & Bits Vinyl Revival

  106. anthony says:

    Hi Peewee, Merv, Woody, Owen

    Can you you bring out a live dvd of your latest show and make it a double dvd
    with footage of your bandstand days


    Anthony Bartram
    Your Biggest Fan

  107. Karin McCarthy says:

    This is a message for Woody, my name is Karin Moysey Mccarthy, I knew you in Yerong Creek when you were good friends with my brother Steve Moysey. I tried to contact you last November to let you know that he passed away after 18 years of ill health. Cancer finally took his brave life from us but he often spoke of you & I too remember the days we played tennis as teenagers. I love your music still & I hope this message finds you well. Karin

  108. Phil Fraser says:

    Guys you are the best. Saw your show in Bunbury. Your have got to come back. If ever you think of giving it up which I hope are not for many more years. Your final show has got to feature Nevin as was the show when you last toured Bunbury. And also get out after the show and meet your fans. Buying a $5.00 dollar autograph poster just doesn’t cut it. We the fans want pictures with you and autographed tickets we spent the big dollars for. Please keep on raging forever :) Cheers

  109. Thelma Keddie says:

    peewee carla and all the band. had a great night at bunbury. your show was fantastic. keep up the brilliant work. enjoying the dvd. started to read your book. very interesting and colourful life. look forward to another show. xxx

  110. Grump says:

    Great Show in Mandurah last night, Keep it up guys we want to see you back again.

  111. shirley says:

    had a fantastic night in Mandurah …25/5/13 awesome .

  112. Andy says:

    Hi Guys, really enjoyed your concert here in Pirie on the 18th April, great to see you again, I just reminded of a song you might think about next time you review the set list, “Elvira” by the Oak Ridge Boys, be great fun to hear you do that one, I hope you are enjoying your WA tour!

  113. Ed & Marie May says:

    To Peewee and the Fabulous Delltones, Thank you for a Fantastic Concert in Albany W.A. tonight 17 May 2013 Was a Totally Awesome Show will be ordering your DVD that’s for sure Keep on Raging Stop the Aging ALL YOU GUYS ROCK .Thank you so much for coming to Albany Travel Safe. Ed & Marie May

  114. Helen Cooper says:

    G’day, Fellas! I was introduced to your music by a lovely Aussie friend, who knew I loved DooWop music. You quickly became my favourites! “Come a Little Bit Closer” had special meaning for both of us. He died two months ago, today, but I am sure he is still cheering you on, as do I! Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us! Love, Helen Stephanie

  115. Paul says:

    Just finished reading PeeWee’s book – really interesting story with equally interesting views on life. Loved all the stories about early rock and roll – imagine walking in to a DJ (Bob Rodgers), who sends you straight away to a major promoter (Lee Gordon) and meeting one of the then huge stars (Johnny O’Keefe). And that’s just on your first day of your recording career!! Great story, well told, one of the best rock books I’ve read in a long time. Brought back many memories of seeing the Delltones on Bandstand.

  116. shell says:

    Love the site. Very Delltonesque :)
    Big Hugs for Peewee, Owen, Merv and Woody.

  117. Rev Esther Smart says:

    I saw and enjoyd the Delltones in Bathurst last night. What a buzz, for a moment I was back when and the daily troubles didn’t matter. Thanks!

  118. Heidi says:

    G’day Carla & Peewee. Delltones one my Mum, My Great Granmothers avourte gruops & singers ;-).. My Mum was very happy find you again :-) Just as was it was as like Elvis died :-) Can you please buy & read these books? He is ALIVE or twin? please listen to the link :-) Mr. Peewee Sir ;-) I think you be amazed :-)the way that npw 78 year old can STILL sing so Unbeivable :-) Also suggest please? :-) at any posibliy you read his books By: Jon Cotner & espaecially liten to the voice, beathing etc.. I will try add the links :-) Thanking you both your kind undrstning :-) Links below! :-), or look Jon Cotner + Youtube :-) YOUTUBE? PLease make a Video to poomote youself& on youtTube espicailly please? :-) on Youtube please .. Thanking & you are very kind :-) Thank you making Mum Happy :-) ~*Heidi*~ You don’t get past my ears ;-) laughs ;-) http://jon-cotner.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/JonCotner1835

  119. Trish says:

    Dear Peewee. Do you have paypal? to buy book & DVD please? is there anywhere you be soon around Montville /Coolum? please to get it signed.. Check this link out ;-) I would love you to meet & sing with this guy, who does he sound like to you?;-)he is now 78!songs recorded last October :-) http://www.youtube.com/user/JonCotner1835 He is 78, & book he is a twin ;-) Listen to that voice :-) Thank you very much your kindness & co-operation ~Trish

  120. Trish Saga says:

    Hi Peewee,next best I ever heard was the bass singer in Elvis band LOL ;-D Why don’t you ever have any advertising? My amily & I didn’t even know you were around? I was sending some your songs a riend in the Sates Youtube.. I can’t belive it :-D WOW… Contact is Coolum? I now live at Montville, is there anywhere you be doing a show soon & please let us know? PLease all be healthy & well :-D Thanking you your kindness & co-operation ~Trisha Saga~

  121. Sandy Keepence says:

    14-4-2013Great show last night at the Norwood Concert Hall guys Have been going to your concerts, since my Husband & i first met, it was our first date ,Peewee you are the best .

  122. Lisa says:

    Fantastic show tonight at Norwood, you guys are brilliant ! I’ve been listening to you since I was a child and I loved introducing my US hubbie who is also now a fan. Great harmonies, fantastic energy and brilliant repartee by Peewee, of course !! (Maybe a different venue next time though, that wasnt so good) Cant wait to introduce my kids to your live music next time.

  123. John says:

    Norwood town hall..april 13 2013. Absolutely faultless show..harmonies spot on and musically brilliant. Can’t wait to see them again.

  124. Elaine says:

    I went to you show last night with my Granddaughter and we both really enjoyed the show in the Barossa hope you come back again soon

  125. Susanne says:

    hi my hubby and daughter went to your performance wed night. Both thought it was a great show. Waiting for your return to port Lincoln susie

  126. Adrian Beacham says:

    My mother nicknamed me Pee Wee after I tried imitating Pee Wee Wilson when I was a toddler and the name has stuck with me for 50 years. My first Delltones Concert was in 1984 in Albury NSW and since I have tried to get to other concerts. I introduced my 2 daughters to the Delltones at the Rock n Roll rendezvous some years ago and they have the same passion for this wonderful team of musicians that I do. We all can’t wait until the 13th April at Norwood to see you all again. Looking forward to another after show chat too if you are up for it. Keep on rockin guys!

  127. Michelle says:

    Can remember seeing you guys in kalgoolie western australia when I was about 7!! Loved you guys then and still do now am so excited that you are touring and have just purchased my tickets!!

  128. Lynette Whatley says:

    I have loved the Deltones since i was 13 and i’m now 63,i remember watching them on Bandstand and 6 o’clock Rock,i hope to see them in Brisbane

  129. Susan Lindsay says:

    Hi Peewee, Hope you had a great birthday on Monday…we were thinking of you. Love and best wishes from The Lindsay Family.

  130. phil hart says:

    Hi P, Sounds like you now have a career in writing,still here in SOCAL,wish I could be there. Later Phil

  131. Narelle Weatherall says:

    Hi Carla and Pee Wee Looking forward to seeing you again really soon, was really SO SO Sorry to see that now there are just 4 of you BUT boy have I learned things happen for a reason Still send you much love and hope the family are keeping well, we’ve had our share too but things are on the way now hope to see you soon love and hugs always Narelle

  132. Marise Zeitzen says:

    What a great show you guys put on last night in Burnie Tasmania (13/2/2013), really loved it,you guys are fantastic I took 4 friends with me and they all loved it too…..keep up the great work.

  133. William says:

    i have loved the delltones ever since i was about 10 years keep up the god work boys

  134. leanne says:

    hi all just wishing you all a merry christmas and carla did you get my email

  135. Yvonne says:

    Glad you guys are coming back to Windsor NSW in Feb. catchya then Yvonne

  136. Martina grace says:

    had the most awsome arvo yesterday with the bset music ever and also thanku for having photo taken with me and mum ….

  137. jeff freeman says:

    just went to your concert at forbes it was great,is there a fifth deltone named danny, iwas wondering why he wasnt with you this time round.

  138. Lynne M Steele says:

    Why no Roy Orbison covers? Not even his song about the Civil War? Where’ve you been?

  139. Paul and Sally says:

    Friday night in Bendigo. Absolutely brilliant guys. Still as great as ever. Last saw you in about 1994 when you released the Sunshine Club Album.

  140. Val Vugs says:

    Went and saw your show at the Wellington Entertainment Centre at Sale, Vic on Friday the 24th August. Absolutely fantastic have loved your music and entertainment since I was a teenager.In later years have seen your shows at the Moama Bowling Club. Loved them now and love them still,” Keep on Rocking”!

  141. Sheree says:

    Hi Merv,
    Just to say I thought your solo drum work was fantastic. Keep up the good work. From front row seat number 12 at the Ballarat concert on Friday August 17th, 2012 :).

  142. Max Pert says:

    Hi guys.
    Saw your concert in Ballarat on 17th August 2012. Great show and great to hear all the old tunes again. Saw your last show here 2 years ago. Keep up the fantastic work. Hope to see you in Ballarat again soon.

  143. Sheree Beattie says:

    Hi Guys,
    Saw your concert in Ballarat on Friday night (17th August 2012) with my mum and we both thought it was fantastic. You did a really great job of Cold Chisel’s ‘Forever Now'(believe me because I am also a fan of Jimmy Barnes & Cold Chisel). The group still has it after all these years. From the front row seat number 12.

  144. stephen smyth says:

    Saw the show in Frankston, fantastic as usual. Great new song Earth Angel included. Love to see Rama Lama Ding Dong back on the list.

  145. Jenny Smith says:

    Hi Guys,
    My brother decided to take our mother to see your concert last night for her birthday and totally loved it and I came over from Adelaide to see you sing and was really hoping you will be coming to Adelaide as my husband would also love to see you as he is a rocker from way back, and still lost in the 50’s. thanks again, you were awesome.ps, please come over to us in Adelaide.

  146. Mike & Lyn says:

    Hi guys. Just arrived home from your show in Ballarat. Fantastic show, looking forward to your return.

  147. charles cristofini says:

    Seen your show in Frannkston Victoria.it was majic, I loved it. You made me feel young again

  148. Chris Davies says:

    Thank you, Peewee, for giving free tickets to the first caller to Bob and Judy on 3RPP. We had an amazing night and, for two hours, I felt 30 years younger!

  149. Joy Ash says:

    Sawcu all last year October and The Rock & Roll boat you were great, bought back many memories. I will be ushering at Her Majestys Ballarat Friday and coming through stage door hope to see you all. Hey guys if your staying in Ballarat love to take you all out for a drink after show got a few girlfriends at show also that would come youd have a ball lol Joy

  150. Lyn says:

    Thank you for a wonderful concert in Wagga Wagga last Saturday night. You are an amazing group and so loved by so many of us. You had everyone in the palm of your hands & wanting more. Please come back again soon.

  151. Peter Watson says:

    Saw you at albury on the 3rd, and loved it, even took the inlaws who had never heard you before, they were blown away by your harmonies and the fantastic music, i last saw you in perth in 98, it was the big four o tour, and you’ve still got it, keep on rockin boys.

  152. Roweena Mapleson says:

    I saw your show at the Rich River Golf Club at Moama last Thursday night the 2nd of August 2012 it was fabulous and Pee Wee you have got a great voice i got your autographs on a servette out the front of Rino Cafe in Echuca in 1994 and i have still got it.I will see u again when u come back to Victoria but your one group i can never get sick of.See you again THE DELLTONES.Love from Roweena.xxxx

  153. Kings says:

    We can’t wait to see your your concert in Wagga Wagga tomorrow night (4 August#. We saw you perform on Hamilton Island while we were honeymooning there in 1985. Today #3 August) is our 27th wedding anniversary and we are celebrating with you again!! Got great seats up front and we are excited!

  154. Mrs Tigpie says:

    Amazing conceert at Sawtell last night, 4th time we have seen you and like a good wine you are getting better with age. Pee Wee don’t forget you have a zipper in those pink trousers!!!!!!

  155. mitch says:

    Hi, I should have done this ages ago and said, Thanks for seeing me and ringing my old man from Dalby. He was totally wrapped. My son has been playing your music constantly and knows all words to Mr Bassman. anyway,hope to see youin concert again someday. cheers Mitch

  156. ian says:

    great concert in grafton last engoyed all Peewee is still 70years young they will go for another 30years all the boys played and sang exceptional for all the group keep on keeping on . ian

  157. luke says:

    Hello Guys,
    Great to see you again on Friday Night @ Kedron Wavell which it was an FANTASTIC show and I had an great time as I always do. It Was Great to see you after the show having an talk and photos with you guys. I am looking forward to reading the book Pee Wee when it comes out and good luck for the rest of the tour. come back to Brisbane again soon best wishes
    From Luke

  158. Rox Anderson says:

    Hey guys and Gal Cant believe its nearly 12 months since u guys came to tassie and Devonfield. Still have pic on my desktop…LOL Talk soon or oneday Rox

  159. Cheryl Cutler says:

    Hi Guys Your concert in Ipswich tonight just fantastic, I grew up watching you on Bandstand and Six O’Clock Rock. Mum and Dad were singing along too they are now 82 and 83. Thanks again for a great night. See you next year. Keep on rockin…..

  160. Joan Gregory says:

    Hi Guys,
    Thank you for such a great night of entertainment and showmanship at the Caloundra RSl 30/6/12.You all still have the wow factor.Keep rocking with those great songs.

  161. Janice Nieass says:

    Hi Guys, you were specatacular, we have just got home from your Gympie Show. We took our Grand-children Monique aged 14 & Jake aged 12, I think they were the yougest there. This is the 3rd generation of ours that have seen you. It would have been great to get your autograph for them, as you had signed an LP for me an eon ago. Needless to say, they raved the whole way home, they loved you guys, my husband & I are hoarse from singeing so much. Thank you for the memories, such a wonderful as usual show that you all put to-gether. Thank you for the memories

  162. Bob MacLachlan says:

    I was at your performance at the Civic Theatre in Townsville on Friday night(22-6-2012). It was fantastic and you guys deserve a big congratulations and thank you for coming to Townsville. It was magic. I hope we get to see you again soon.

  163. Tammy says:

    Nice to see you again carla, thankyou for letting me & my mother inlaw have a chat to the guys,your a doll. Peewee,Merv,Owen & Woody,Loved the show,seen the last two shows in Emerald, this time Capella. You guys rock, hope to see you in Emerald again in the near future & hope you get over your cold soon Woody.

  164. Kyra Semmler says:

    Dear Carla Wilson,
    kyra has decided to give especially you my new email address for especially you top contact me and could especially you nicely tell Woody Finlayson from off Kyra Semmler that to rest up plenty and to take it easy eventually to have a full speedy recovery from the head cold and eventually it will go away and Woody has my sympathy from off Kyra Semmler all because I do know what it’s like to have a head cold about myself having to have had a head cold back in May 2012 and YES it’s true about me saying nicely this that there’s one good medicine Woody can have to fix his head cold up is casually having a beer after the concert of The Delltones in the next towns and States in 2012 Carla.
    Love From Kyra Semmler

  165. Kyra Semmler says:

    Dear Pee Wee Wilson,
    Kyra has spoken nicely to Angus And Robertson over The Shopping Fair and especially you can promote and sign copies of your book early next Year in 2013 and Angus And Roberston said It wasn’t a problem only for especially you here in Rockhampton. Kyra can nicely tell especially you that I work as a Volunteer at The RSPCA PetShop at 58 William Street here in Rockhampton. I can’t wait to see especially you come back to promote your book next Year in 2013 at Angus And Robertson over at The Shopping Fair here in Rockhampton.
    Love From Kyra Semmler

  166. Fiona says:

    Great show fellas, even when you lost power. So in tune with each other, really enjoyed your show at the Summer Garden Theatre- Bowen, hurry back for another great night .

  167. madelene says:

    im a 4 year old girl who has been to two of youir shows now the first one was when i was only 6 months old in emerald qld in 2008 and then i went and seen yous last night the 14th june in capella qld, i just love your music and guess what i love the song 16tonne, i make my mum play it all the time in the car, cant wait to see your show again, i was there with my mum, nan nan, pop and my 4 month old sister who also loved your music love from madelene

  168. VIV DEANE says:

    thanks Peewee & boys for the memories, going to your rocky show tonight, to enjoy your timeless music,you will never grow old.

  169. Matt says:

    Norwood Concert Hall in Adelaide SA in 2013, please come back soon!!

  170. Lesley Orenda says:

    Enjoyed the Delltones show last night at the Dalby RSL. The usual pure enjoyment, singing and listening to the guys. I was lucky enough to win the Raffle that the RSL won. I was called up to the stage to collect my prizes, but the HIGHLIGHT of my night/life, was to be kissed on the cheek by a sweaty PEEWEE. My God, he’s hot, he’s so damn hot. And what a truly wonderful voice he has. Thanks for the fabulous night guys, and will see you again.

  171. Jim & Kym Tranter says:

    We have seen the delltones every time they have been to Warwick R.S.L. We have always enjoyed every minute of the show. We would like to congratulate The Delltones for a wonderful show. You guys are fantastic. The next time you come back to Warwick, we will definitly be in the crowd. Cheers and keep up the wonderful entertaining.

  172. Jennifer Beevors says:

    I would like to thank the Deltones for a wonderful night at Bansktown Sports Club. I asked my mother what she wanted for her 92 year old birthday, her answer “to see the deltones ” I have grown up listening to you so it was a lovely to see the look on my mums face while she was watching you.From my mother and myself thank you guys my mother loved it. Jennifer Beevors

  173. Wayne Borg says:

    Looking forward to seeing you all perform at the Hubertus Club on the 28th April . Tony ,Pauline ,Wayne,Leanne

  174. Suzanne & Steve says:

    We’d never heard of the Delltones but our Sydney friends insisted we go to your show at Junior’s last month. Turned out to be one of the highlights of our first trip to Australia – along with the cassowary sighting, the rain and the Reef – just fabulous! Wish you’d do a Canadian tour!!!

  175. Ray Gatt says:

    Hadn’t seen The Delltones since the mid 1980s but finally put that right at the Liverpool Catholic Club on March 31. What more can I say. Magical. Fabulous. Brilliant. Enjoyed every single minute. Can’t wait to see the show again!!!

  176. Ray Summer says:

    We see you guys every time you come to Central Queensland.Meet you again on the Rock the Boat cruise, fantastic as ususal from all. We are with the local Rock and Roll dances in Gladstone and will be dancing before you come on at the Harbour Festival on the 4th of April which is my wife Lynette’s birthday could you dedicate a song to her from me.Put your head on my shoulder,if you have that in your act.Regards Ray Sumner

  177. Chuck Willis says:

    From a 1957 American Teen Rocker. You guys are great. Especially love Rama Lama Ding Dong.

  178. Paul Makin says:

    Hi guys Can’t wait to see you guys in Adelaide sometime in 2013,2014 Can only hope Loved your show at Her Majestys last time and live in hope you’ll return Cheers Paul Makin Today Tonight Channel 7 Adelaide

  179. Bill Elmer says:

    I have been a fan for many years and saw you blokes live for the very first time at Dural Country Club. What a fantastic night I had fellas. Keep on Rockin! Bill – from Rouse Hill NSW

  180. Carmen Kaye says:

    More info on the radio show is on http://www.thedoowopcorner.com Cheers Carmen

  181. Carmen Kaye says:

    Tomorrow from 4-5pm (South Australian time) the Delltones will be featured on the radio in ‘The Doo Wop Corner’ with Carmen Kaye. Also an interview will be aired with Danny Mayers #previous vocalist of the Delltones. Best wishes Carmen Kaye (Presenter of the radio show ‘The Doo Wop Corner’ in South Australia# Also streaming live all around the world on http://www.threedradio.com

  182. Carol Wilson says:

    Hi there I will be at Rooty Hill RSL on Saturday 3rd March with a Tshirt signed by Alan within a guitar, Nevin, underlined, Merve, within drums, Woody on his own, pee wee (name sake wilson no relation) remembering, Spellons’65. Hope to meet again, Carol Wilson

  183. Matt Wilson says:

    Second Lyn’s comment please come back to Norwood Concert Hall in Adelaide as part of this tour can’t wait to see another show.

  184. Lyn Cartwright says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have been a fan of the Dellies since I was 9 years old, now at 62 I still haven’t out grown the Delltones. Love your music, just wish Peewee would do more solo tracks, love his voice. Hoping to maybe see you in Adelaide again soon. Many thanks for all the wonderfull years I have had listening to you.

    Regards, Lyn

  185. Wyatt Arden says:

    Keep up the good work guys, love the tunes.

  186. Silverfox says:

    hi boys,is it true that Danny isn`t singing with you this year ?? As i have heard he has gone solo again ??? can`t wait to see you in melbourne again2012

  187. Morton Bay Regional Council Events Department says:

    We can’t wait to see you at Rodz, Rock ‘n’ Roll on 26 May at Strathpine, QLD. It’s all part of the Pine Rivers Festival http://www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/pineriversfestival

  188. Stephen Smyth says:

    Glad to see the 2012 gigs are up, already booked to see you guys in Frankston when you all return to Vic. Look forward to it, take care.

  189. Andrew Casperson says:

    Hey when can I expect my Kuzzin Merv to tour down in Wagga Wagga again would be good to see him after over 20 years.

  190. Luke says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your families and an safe new Year. Look forward to see you guys at an gig in 2012.

  191. PHIL GLEESON says:

    Peewee – Remember me – I was in one of your classes at school? I would love to hear from you. I’m married with 4 sons and grandchildren and live near Tweed Heads. It’s been a long time, but I still remember our old school days. Email me if you would like and I’ll give you my phone number. It would be great to have a chat. I have always enjoyed your group and was watching some of your acts on Austar today – that’s when I decided to try and contact you. I have been to some of your shows at Twin Towns but regret I didn’t make the effort to go backstage to see you. Kind regards and best wishes, Phil Gleeson and wife, Lindsay

  192. Luke says:

    Hello Guys, FANTASTIC show @ mt gravatt Bowls Club on Friday night and it was nice seeing you guys as well getting autographs and photos. You all sounded Great and even without Danny you guys were FANTASTIC. Enjoy the rest of the tour and good luck for the rock the Cruise shows coming up. See you Guys soon From your fan Luke

  193. Chris says:

    WOW!!!!! Saw you last night at Wellington Point – we loved every second of it. You guys give 110%. We would have had you playing all night if we’d had our way – I know….you definitely deserved a rest!! Thank you…thank you…We’ll be keeping a very watchful eye out so that we catch you next time you are in the Brisbane area.

  194. zia Barnhoft says:

    Hi Guys, Have seen your shows many times over I have now moved to Warwick on the Darling Downs Qld and we have a brilliant big club the Warwick Rsl when you are next touring Qld please put this club in your diary” WARWICK RSL” PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  195. david mckenzie says:

    Hi Fellows.
    Followed your career and enjoyed your songs since the 60s.I knew Pee Wee’s uncle Sam Wilson.I don’t think Pee Wee knew he had an uncle till we contacted him on the passing of Sam.Sam didn’t have much but he was so proud of his nephew and the group.Like so many we all lived in cheap digs back in those days but Pee Wee you sure made that old man happy.Cheers and good luck in whatever you do and if there is a heaven maybe you will get to sing for Sam.Dave

  196. Nicole Eden says:

    hey guy’s in 2009 my mum bugged me to go see you guy’s but no one would go with you, i told her last year 2010 that if you guy’s came i would see you with her and i ened up having a great time being onnly 16 i wasn’t sure what your music would of been like but it was great we were also planning on goin to see you guy’s this year and dragging my best friend along two till we read that you weren’t comming to Orange this year, i guess well ahve to stick to teh CD instead, wish you guy’s were comming here but there is alway’s next year.

  197. ann brown says:

    great show in nowra last night,bringing back many happy memories. Love Merv’s energy and sense of fun, great night.

  198. Melinda Fitzgibbon says:

    fantastic time last night at shoalhaven ent. centre. a wonderful show , lots of memeories. just wished it kept on going. ghreat time guys look forward to next time . thanks

  199. Valerie Gray says:

    Well, the day has come. I am heading into Batemans Bay tomorrow (Sunday 25 September) to see the Delltones, my autograph book (from the 60s) in my hand. I am hoping to get your autographs once again. Look forward to seeing the show.

  200. Howard Brown says:

    “Papa Oom Mow Mow” Hello to the delltones, after just seeing an ad on the tv (on seven mate while watching the AFL finals friday night 09.09.11) then checking out your website,noticed that the riverina, wagga wagga area has missed out on a delltones tour ??? Is there any chance that this can be added for a one off tour??? The last time I experienced the terrific delltones was at the Junee Jada Centre back…well all I can remember was mothers day or close to back in the 1980s, & our family along with others travelled back then bout an hour from Yerong Creek just to see you guys, I was about 9 or 10 back in I think 1984-85 & still have my very thin pink Delltones tie which I would love to be able to bring out & wear to you live concert. I would love to be able to take both my wife (originally from Junee who would have been 5 back then) but more importantly my daughter whom I have played one of you cassettes which my dad & mum brought after your show in Junee all those years ago. The fact our family spent many of my early years in Yerong Creek owning the general store in Plunket Street where Woody was from & I clearly remember both my Dad playing bowls with Woody’s father Jack & myself as a kid remembering serving Woody in our general store whom was about the only celebrity from Yerong Creek probably ever…it would be a fantastic treat. Please advise if this very special request could happen in some way & I am more than happy to do any leg work to ask the local businesses to make this happen. I am now 37 & living in Wagga Wagga with contacts at the Wagga RSL & Commercial Club, The Aussie Rules Club along with other function centres to make this happen in anyway possible. Another question from my previous promotion experience I have been involved in at a local area level is to ask the question of what would it cost to bring The Deltones to Wagga for a Live Concert in some way…please advise as I would as mentioned above be very very keen to see this happen, as I am sure I would not be on my own for such a successful group to appear in Wagga or the Riverina. I look forward to your reply either way or even a call from Woody…ha ha if at all possible. Thank you for your time to read my email. PS happy to do any promotion work free for charge to make this request happen…..bop bop bop bop Would be “TICKLED PINK” Cheers Howard Brown

  201. michelle johnston says:

    hi guys love your music can I please have an autograph of all of you in the mail please 34 Chapman Street Cooma NSW 2630 thank you .ps when are you coming to cooma again ?

  202. clare says:

    hi guys, i have been going to your concerts for 26 years and i love you as much as ever. i took my 12 year old daughter to your concert last time and she loved you too. please come to bendigo or geelong soon.

  203. Sue Stacey says:

    Thank you all so very much for the special concert that you did at the Wright Centre in Devonport. You put a smile on all faces presnt, especially my two Brothers Peter and Greg. Thank you for taking the time, it means so much. Regards Sue

  204. Carol Akinson says:

    Hi Merv
    Just wondering if you remember me and Dane Road in Ealing, London my brother Barry found an article about the Delltones and sent to me. It certainly brought back some memoies of you and your mum and brother and or trip down memory lane and the visit to the Shetland Islands, can’t believe it’s getting on for 4p0 years ago. Hope you are well, I am, would be great to hear from you.

  205. Kelly says:

    Hi guys, saw you in port augusta july 13, it’s been a while! And still as awesome as ever. Ive been a fan since I was about 10, and still remember the letter I wrote to you 20 years ago :) I took my 11yr old daughter and she loved you as well. Please keep coming back as often as you can! And thank you for all the happiness you give me :)

  206. annette.tartan says:

    Hi Guys, Hope you are all well.When are you coming to Tweed Heads?Soon I hope. love Annette,Cameron and Courtney Tartan

  207. stew says:

    Saw the ‘boys’ at Devonport last Thursday. What a great show, we all went home with sore feet from tapping out the beat, no voice from singing the songs, and sore hands from all the clapping.

  208. emily says:

    I LOVE THE DELTONES…… iv seen them twice this week at Burnie and Launceston. who said that some one young can’t love old music… :) keep dancing!!!

  209. emily says:

    I LOVE THE DELTONES, i went to see them at burnie front row and launceston second row!! i’m 16, and who says i can’t love old music….

  210. Marise says:

    Had a fantastic time at the Delltones on wednesday night in Burnie Still haven’t got any voice but it is worth losing it they are fantastic and can’t wait for them to come back.

  211. Anne says:

    was at your Burnie show last night :-) had forgotten how great you are; I was completely transported back 50 years to become a 15 year old teenager again ;-) … when are you coming back??? and even now I’m still fired up

  212. Kylie says:

    Had a fabulous night last night seeing the delltones in burnie tasmania, they are always brilliant to see i never miss a show can’t wait to they come back :)

  213. marise says:

    Well the day has arrived, my friends and myself are going to see the DELLTONES tonight in Burnie, Tassie and we are so looking forward to it. I also found 2 records of the original Delltones at a market and was so pleased. I hope everyone else enjoys theem like I do.

  214. Lyn says:

    hi guys thank you for another awesome show at Tanunda (14/7) first time for my 4 kids, 16year old daughter has you on ipod! and to see the look on their faces when that last low note in blue moon… priceless!! hope you never get sick of singing because wwe will never get sick of hearing you all. Lyn Kate Jacob Sam and Cassie

  215. leanne mcdonald says:

    Hello Delltones..glad to hear that your coming back to tasmania for another concert at the country club launceston,cant wait to see you all again..luv your biggest fan in tasmania launceston..leanne xxxx



  216. leonard says:

    Just seen them in Broken Hill they were as good as the first time i saw them go keep up the good job

  217. Aaron Mew says:

    Loved the Show tonight in Broken Hill, it was the best would have been better if Mum was still hear she would have loved to see the Show again. She passed away back in 2008 will always Remember The Delltones cause Mum seen ever show that was hear. Would have loved a Photo of The Delltones with the kids maybe next time Love Ya all see ya next time you are in the Hill…. ROCK ON

  218. Kylie says:

    Have been to every show that has been held here and enjoyed every minute of it, must say am somewhat upset that whyalla, sa has been left off the tour this time :-(

  219. Liza says:

    Heya Guys,
    I am so thrilled to know your coming to Adelaide :) My husband & I attened your concert in Adelaide for our 1st wedding anniversary in November 1995 & now we are hoping to attend this one as an early 17th wedding anniversary present so fingers crossed :D. I have been a HUGE fan since I was knee high to a grasshopper & I hope to see you going for years to come. Fantastic singers,songs & all round greats.
    Love always xxxx

  220. Gary & Gail says:

    Hi Peewee, Danny, Owen, Merv, Woody and Carla.
    We had another wonderful evening at Port Macquarie’s “Wintersun” with you all. That show was our 29th gig with the fabulous Delltones having seen and enjoyed shows in the northern tablelands, north coast and hunter regions of NSW and we’re no finished yet. Living in Armidale back in the 80’s, we have fond memories of seeing two shows in one weekend at Tamworth and Inverell, try and work that one out! Looks like we’ll be Rocking The Boat in November for our 30th anniversary. Thanks again for the journey.

  221. Kylie says:

    Went and saw the show in Muswellbrook on the 17th of June and it was a brillant show.

  222. Bruce says:

    The Delltones sing the best DOO W0P in Australia. Their show at this years Wintersun @ Port Macquarie was great, Thank You Delltones You Were Great

  223. neil warburton says:

    love the band i wish they would tour more often

  224. Luke says:

    Good Luck with the upcoming shows guys and may we hope to see you in Queensland soon. good luck with the book Pee Wee which i will be looking forward to read it and imagine there’ll be stories to tell. Best Wishes From your fan Luke

  225. Karren King says:

    Peewee, Danny, Owen, Merv & Woody my husband and me saw you for the first time in Bunbury and it was FANTASTICLY AWESOME !! can’t wait for you all to come back love love loved the show.

  226. Wendy Watt says:

    Enjoyed another great show in Mandurah on Saturday night,dont wait so long to come back.

  227. Phill Morgan says:

    Hi Fellas, Caught up with you again after 10 years in Geraldton W.A. Magical concert, don’t ever change. Cheers and beers

  228. Jeff says:

    Saw the guys at Mandurah last night. Absolutely awesome show. Beats the hell out of all this modern computerised crap. Hope the next one isnt too far away. Well done and keep bopping boys !!!

  229. Vikki Stewart says:

    saw the concert for the first time in albany wa on the 25th may it was awsome i think i was the loudest one there i enjoyed the convert sdo much i havent stopped playing the cds i would love to get a copy of all of ur other cds that u have as a young child i remember u singing cotton fields back home and do what u do do well and a few others i think u guys are awsesome and all the ppl behinds do a fantastic job too i loved the way the lights where in tune with who was singing etc

  230. Elsie Chamberlain says:

    A Mother’s Day present from our children and a trip to Narrogin and another trip down memory lane. A wonderful night of entertainment and great to hear some terrific music from splendid performers. Keep ageing as you are and you will live forever. I now have two new CD’s to Bop do Wop down the road with.

  231. Anthony Gillam says:

    Went to the concert in Albany WA last night.Well done,more songs than any other group I’ve been to, extremely well done and exceptionally entertaining. Well Done guys!

  232. Peter Porter says:

    I have just got back from your show in Geraldton and would just like to say thank you very very much and that i enjoyed every minuite of it,thanks again

  233. Stephen Smyth says:

    Hi guys, glad to see you are back on the road. I am in Melbourne but may catch you in Devonport, Tas. Still enjoying the DVD, your music keeps me rock’in. Keep fit Danny.

  234. Halina says:

    When are you going to come back to Darwin??? We miss you!!

  235. Valerie Gray says:

    I just love the Delltones. I first saw you in Canberra in the early 60’s when you came to the Albert Hall, along with Lucky Starr, the De Kroo Bros, Col Joye (I think) and others. I now live on the New South Wales South Coast and I am hoping you will come to the Soldiers Club again. I have your autographs from the 60s and would love an update in the same autograph book. Val Gray

  236. Gail Nicholson says:

    i new the deltones from when i was a child in queensland around the 1960s my dad was denis and we had a music store we also new lucky star. they use to come to our house . i would have been about 5 or 6 years old. i use to sit on peewees lap and listen to their music my mother is norma. i do hope you remember us.

  237. Andrew Casperson says:

    Would love to see you down the Riverina Kuzzin Merv have a heap of catching up to do mate all the best the last remaining Caspo

  238. Rob Baconne says:

    I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and, over the years that kind of music has sadly gone by the wayside. Luckily I discovered the Delltones and I must say, you are an extremely welcome relief to some of the music of today and bring back some of the best years of my life. Thank you.

  239. annette tartan says:

    Hi Guy’s,
    I was just wondering when you are coming to Tweed Heads again? Not on the 27th of August I hope because I would not be able to come. Hope to see you soon Love your greatest fanAnnette Tartan

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